Friday, January 11, 2013

New year

2012 had given me shits sucks and things don't goes very well.
I fall sick so bad that I couldn't wake up from the bed or even shout out my lungs to call for help.
When it is so bad, that makes me feel so hopeless and put the blame to my loves one.

However, everything is over now.
I hope for the better 2013.
I'm not giving up hope and I will go through all my day telling myself to be strong.
I hope I can meet someone who loves me.

Min Ee, stay strong.
Im pretty looking forward to KRABI with my girl friends.
Finally its all happening after 5 years !

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Last

you will probably get what im trying to tell you all this while.

Save me , Save you 
Save Us
before everything is too late.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Month of October

Despite every busy moment of day included work , studies , traveling , family  and holiday . All falls on the month of September and October causing me lost of weight, fall sick and of course money gone!! I am still survive till today. No worries my dear friends , I am still good condition, be it physical or mentally health ( I hope so *giggle ) To promise I'll post something happy, I agree with the idea from a very dear girl friends of mine. Of course , pictures tell its all. =))

 There these bff of mine , brought me to penang by Air Aisa flight to celebrate my 24th Birthday knowing Penang Curry Mee will never fail my expectation which locate at nearby Kek Lok Si Temple. Take a look with her spoon, full of Sambal which makes her so Happy cause it only cost RM4 !! Cheap to the maximum, where can you get so cheap and great taste curry mee ? Share with me. 

I drool by only looking at the picture. 

Another plate of most expensive Fried Kuey Teow located at  Kafe Heng Huat Char Kway Teow
Lorong Selamat, Penang. To be honest, taste So so ONLY. Somehow we both enjoy the moment spending time together cause we eat all the way in Penang!! That is why , we love Penang so much!! 

Then , I rush back to Kl by AirAsia again cause I held Lok Lok Van for my Birthday Party. This will be the last party celebrate at home. Little Eugene cried after waited for an hour , I felt so sorry to Kenneth and his pretty sweet wife also to all my friends who I invited. Time management are really bad , and party end of not a happy ending after all. =( I really hate myself sometimes. Sorry. =(( 
.Then , October 28th again Im back to Kl again after Sydney flight and there go again I hate myself being so confident with my time management and I ruined my flight from SIN-KUL (AirAisa) also Bus to catch up to Cameron Highland. =( Totally pissed , even now ) Well , who will not learn from mistake? Everyone does mistake. lol!!! So I paid 80SGD for last minute purchased flight ticket back to KL and then rent a van for only BOTH OF US to Cameron Highland. See~ after all I am so happy with playing cold fresh water from waterfall!!! Where can you get all these in SINGAPORE? No!! Only Malaysia!!! Oh yeah , I love being Malaysian. ( * opps , sorry . Over excited ). 

Pardon me, I am not posing but I am literally playing with the water. haha!! 

Oh yeah , Sometimes in life . Just remember this
Hear no evil , Speak no evil and See no evil. 
Well, it is located at Rose Garden .
How can we missed out the Rose after all? 

Then , we also head to Bee farm. Look at this visitor. Afraid of Bees. haha!! 

Okla , thats all I wanna tell . Hehe!! Will try my best to uplaod more and more Happening stuff!! =D 
Michelle Moh / Min Ee 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Back to the September

Here I am , with hoarseness voice and awaiting mood. Decided to write on a post before I delay and delay. When I always have these thoughts in mind, '' Hey oh yeah, the topic will be bla bla and I will write on my blog with bla bla bla stories. '' Then again, ''never mind la, tomorrow when I'm free.'' While waiting for someone call to return, munching with my supper oatmeal biscuits and half cup of skim milk. Here I am. 

Finally I've learnt my lesson. Experience it myself with full of regret and frustration. People always say, you will never learn until you experience it yourself. Here , I am the example. 

First, health matter- I lost my voice.
It is a very big impact to me because I've never lost my voice or even shut my mouth in my life time unless I'm sleeping, occupied with stories book, work and sometimes eating. I talk too much. I would say. Girlfriends are very often describe me Auntie because I like to nag nag and nag , repeat again and again. I will never get fed up telling the same old story all over again,to different or even the same old person. That is the reason why. Even god couldn't stand of me. So I am silent for a couple of days. 

Second, work matter- Medical leave
Also again, I never imagine I would take medical leave in my working life. Be it when the time I am a nurse or now I am a crew. People who know me , even my mother also know me la. I will never take mc unless I lie flat on the bed * not die okay, its Pengsan. There these year. July till September. I took total 3 days of Mc. First of all is due to palpitation and diagnosed as stress, anxiety and exogenous depression. Muahahah!!! I wanted to laugh so badly when I see the Medical leave note. Okay, second of all is I lost my voice lo~ today is my 4th day of rest day. Been seeing Dr for 3 time in 3 day. Taking different medicine in 2 day time and luckily the strongest medicine works better on me. =D Now my voice like 'ahgua'. OMG.

Third, studies matter- Last minute assignment
If there is no Ah wong scenario , Alvina's english skill and of course all other friend and family support. I would literally fail!! I am putting so much stress to myself where I skip my meal , I have no appetite and having sleepless night cause I've been dreaming, thinking about my study and work at the same time. Also, I've trouble my friend to help me with my assignment. Email my UK lecturer to help me and give me opinion. Lastly , I just send out my assignment with a lot of praying. Haha!! I just got to know my result 5 days ago. I passed!!!! So yeap , I have now another subject to think about and plan properly. Be discipline!! I can do it! 

Forth, financial issue - No work = No money 
Basically I'm feeding on my own. I am so busy is because I took up part time degree since May. I'm living with my own , renting room at a country which can shock you by telling you the amount I have to pay a month. 24 hours don't seem enough for me at all. Every month have to spend some money to fly back. Thus- in a short frame of time, thus no time = no sleep. Sometimes, living with people who intentionally / not intention to take you for granted, prone to be a little financial issue too. Voice out or not to voice out?

Fifth, also the last. My issue- Me
Being a strong character isn't pleasant or please to others all the time. Being me is not easy too. At least I know myself. I don't need some unknown person to judge me, as well I am not interested to even bother about them. What is the problem in me now? Where can I find someone to love the way for who I am?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

1st August

I'm done thinking we could work it out
You would give me a thousand reason
Couldn't be here for me when ever I needed you the most
Break promises and being selfish like who you are
I always wipe my own tears ;'(

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2 weeks later from that day

I felt
I'm a trash for you who allows you to pick up and throw as you wish
A piece of useless shit
A liar who cover my ass off
A psychotic person who needs to see doctor
A failure to handle emotional
A selfish person who want to eliminate you
A mean person who can say things so sharp that shoot straight to your heart
A person who mean my words.

Now ,
I'm gone and you're gone.
I'm living my life with a broken hearten since the day you told her that.
Why her?

Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 20


How am I gonna desribe this month is such a hectic for me. Other than travelling around the country , shifted twice of place to stay in Singapore and pocket is bleeding. So much have been done . Extremly exhausted. Not saying about relationship problem , have to think about my studies , work , house , financial , management. Hell , How do I manage it? 

A close friends of mine always say that Im trying too hard to do what beyond my limit , isn't too much ? As in , Im trying too hard.
I just want to do what I can while I think I can , erm. Its actually doesn't matter isn't? But what is the goal Im chasing after right now? This really strike to my mind when she is asking me . I remain silent. ( Haha , cause I don't know what to answer ) .At least , I do think I make a bit of improvement to tone down myself and do something that I love. =)

Somehow, I still does enjoy my life , not that extreme level that I dont care about my joyness at all. Got the opportunity travel to Santorini which these place can literally take my breathe away and no doubt it is a extremly beutiful place with beautiful view and just nice weather. Got myself a little bit of sunburm , but well. ( I don't care ) Haha!!

I am back to my home and going to spend like 7 days here. Trying to plan and figure out what I can do since my bangkok trip is cancelled. Okay , this is it . I am going to rebond my hair , do mani and pedicure to allow my nail to relax then a must for a facial too. Hrm ,what else? Maybe meet up some old friend and chit chat , do some room and house cleaning , bring my bf for vaccination , groom him and spend some lovely time too?  Dont forget my assignemt to due and also books and magazine to clear , really have no idea where is the recycle area , anybody any idea?

Till then , guess so much about it to write today . Have a great day ahead everyone!


 View from my hotel in the morning 9 am

Meet some awesome people <3

Looking at the sunset thinking about you